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JUNE TBR 📚 supporting black authors!!

I said this in the video but I’ll write it out here — buying this stack of books is not all I’m doing to help the #blacklivesmatter movement but as a booktuber and graduate student I believe I have a small impact on the book community and I’m going to try and use it for good. I have donated, signed petitions and gone to protests so know that this video is not where the work starts and ends for me.

All of the Adsense/revenue from this video will be donated to the movement.

black owned bookstores to support!

all info for the read-a-long for Stamped can be found here!!

this is a MASSIVE resource to find ways to help the movement right now — petitions to sign, protests map, places to donate, etc!

videos you should watch by black booktubers talking about their experiences on youtube (subscribe to them!!):

keep this video playing in a separate tab on your computer to help donate to the movement — all adsense/revenue from it will be donated:

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