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Maasai Women & Culture: Part I – East African Young Women's Leadership Initiative

The East African Young Women’s Leadership Initiative is a pilot effort that’s engaging deeply with 10 young women (five in Kenya and five in Tanzania from Maasai communities) to develop their skills, capabilities, knowledge, and confidence so that as adult women they can be successful community leaders and effective advocates for indigenous peoples and the environment at national and international levels, too. This is particularly important as climate change and the effects of globalization are felt more intensely by communities around the world, including those the young women come from in Kenya and Tanzania. The initiative takes its inspiration in part from the late Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai, for whom education and mentoring opened up a new world of possibility.

The East African Girls’ Leadership Initiative Program is supported by the following organizations:

Brighter Green, NY
Tribal Link, NY
SIMOO, Kenya
PAICODEO, Tanzania,
Indigenous Information Network, Kenya

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