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13 South African Food You Will Love To Eat

Here are the top 13 South African dishes you must have on your table whenever you visit the rainbow nation. South African cuisine are very tasty and inviting to all and sundry. Most South African traditional food can be bought in almost big South African shop. For example, the delicious South African biltong can be bought as a neatly packaged packed. Most South African recipes and South African culture food are eaten all over Africa. Some of the South African dish includes; Biltong & droewors, Boerewors, Cape Malay curry, Malva pudding, Braai/Shisa nyama, Chakalaka & pap, Bunny chow, Amarula Don Pedro, Bobotie, Melktert, Chakalaka ,potjiekos, Vetkoek and Mealie

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