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African Art – The Market of Masks (Documentary of 2015)

The film takes us to a journey of discovery in museums and galleries, of the everyday objects and the cult ones, of the mysterious fetishes and masks – of the art of our neighbouring continent. We follow artworks from Africa in fashionable galleries, in safes of the ethnography and anthropology museums and in private houses from passionate collectors. The art market turns often collectors into calculating speculators. New is transforming old art from Africa into financial investment. The market for traditional African art booms worldwide. Individual works reached millions at auctions. The film searches for traces from poor carvers in West Africa till in fashionable exhibitions from gallerists in Brussels and Paris. Finally, historical aware Africans accuse museum directors of looting art.

Original title: Black market’s masquerade – Ancient African art
A film by Peter Heller
© 2015, Lizenz Filmkraft Peter Heller

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