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Day 1 – Symposium: Digital Transformation and the Future of Work

The global crisis brought by COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies across the globe further into a digital world. However, it has also exposed the wide chasm between the enterprises that successfully embraced new digital trends and traditional businesses that may struggle to drive change during these chaotic and unprecedented times. Digital Transformation and the Future of Work Symposium maps the changing technological landscape in the current economic scenario as well as its impact on the labor market. In this event you will learn about how companies from different industries embrace digital trends accelerated by COVID-19 outbreak.

The Symposium, organized by IBS Americas, in association with public and private universities and foundations from Europe and the United States, is aimed at university students and young professionals with the objective of promoting debate on companies’ quest towards digital transformation amid the economic recession caused by COVID-19.

Host of the event: Prof. Alvaro Machado Dias, Ph.D (Brazil)

Alvaro Machado Dias is a Neuroscientist and Full Professor at the Federal University of Sao Paulo. Director of the Advanced Center for Decision-Making, member of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences (Cambridge), of MIT Tech Review’s Global Panel, and author of 100+ academic papers. Dr. Dias is an IT columnist for the news portal, UOL, and hosts a TV show about tech industry.

Keynote Speakers:

Day 1:
Prof. Nuno Ramos Martins, Ph.D, Portugal/USA – University of California, Berkeley
Moises Herszenhorn, M.Sc, Brazil – Banco Votorantim
Fabricio Pezente, M.Sc, Brazil/USA – Traive

Day 2:
Prof. Paolo Bellamoli, Ph.D, Italy – CUOA Business School
Prof. Will Holt, UK – Pearson College London

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