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The Most Devastating Movie Endings Ever

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Most of the time when you go to the movies, you can expect the story you see on the big screen to be resolved by the time the lights come up. Maybe not all the good guys will make it to the end, but for the most part the world will be as it should be. But not every story can have a happy ending. Sometimes the price of victory is high, and characters we learned to love are taken away from us. Other times the heroes don’t win at all, no matter how much they sacrificed…

Back to the Blue Bayou | 0:31
Maggie’s last moments | 1:19
Grizzly Man | 2:46
An enchanting old ruin | 3:38
Abandoned | 5:04
What could’ve been | 6:24
Logan’s last stand | 7:14
The snap | 9:20

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