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Various Artists – Dark Country [Compilation]

“Dark Country” is a collaborative compilation (first of four) by various artists, published by the Extreme Music label. It’s guitar-heavy country with a dark underlying tone.

I’ve decided to put up this album because it’s simply great music that I enjoy listening. The original audio quality of the uploaded file is 128 kbps MP3. The whole album (and many others) are available for free streaming on Extreme Music’s official site (links below).

Why upload something that’s already available elsewhere? Well, Youtube is extremely popular, and usually the #1 stop for all music searches. My wish is simply for this music to become as widely available as possible.

No copyright infringement intended. If the copyright holder(s) want this removed, contact me and I’ll take the video down immediately.

All music and art (c) by the respective musicians and Extreme Music.


00:00 Blues Saraceno – Evil Ways (Justice Mix)
03:31 Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke – Crop Won’t Ever Come
07:25 Blues Saraceno – Judgement Day
11:53 Blues Saraceno – Run On
15:25 Tombstone Three – Symmetry of the Cemetery
18:11 Nick Nolan – Hang ’em High
21:52 Nik Ammar – Guilty Man
24:41 Robin Loxley – Rain Down
28:07 Nick Nolan – Gunnin’ for You
31:47 Nik Ammar – Diggin’ my Own Grave
34:37 Robin Loxley – The Fear
37:44 Tombstone Three – Blackest Hour
41:32 Nik Ammar – The Burnin’
44:36 Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke – God Will Cut You Down

Buy the album:

Extreme Music (official site):

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