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South Africa – How to prepare for South Africa? Basic tips: Visa to costs.

South Africa – How to prepare your trip to South Africa?
How we traveled around (with Baz Bus):
Ticket options & tour packages:
Baz Bus timetable:
Baz Bus hostel list:
Travel guide for South Africa (coast to coast):

In this video, I summarize all the major tips you need to know when you are preparing your trip to South Africa. Starting by visa regulations, costs of living, guidebooks to how to get around in cities.

You do not need a guidebook, all you need is the Coast to coast guide:

All infos you need about the visa for South Africa, which countries do not need a visa and which countries definitely need a visa.
Infos about visa:

Yellow Fever – What is it and what you need to know about Yellow Fever and the Yellow certificate:

For health advice always see your travel doctor! She or he will tell you all you need to know regarding medication, vaccines, malaria pills.

Download UBER to get around in bigger cities like Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town.
Uber for Apple / iTunes:
Uber for Android:

We traveled around South Africa starting in Johannesburg and we ended our trip in Cape Town. The landscape is beautiful and there are many highlights on the way.

Kruger National Park – we did a 4-day tour to the Kruger National Park:
Hostel in Drakensberg North:
Hostel in Durbin:
Hostel in Coffey Bay:
Hostel in Port Elizabeth:
Hostel in Storms River:
Hostel in Wilderness:
Hostel in Cape Town:

I hope you liked my highlights of South Africa. There are some places we missed. You should also check out:
– Jeffreys Bay
– Chintsa
– Hogsback
– The Crags


Bongo by KV
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