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African Arts and Architecture

Africa architectural wonders

Like other aspects of the culture of Africa,

African architecture is as diverse as the cultures of Africa

African art and architecture could be surveyed in traditional African buildings

Stone structures in southern Africa could be the earliest human-made buildings on the planet, dating back 75,000 years BC.

The Soninke people of pre historical Ghana architects who carved stone settlements and worked with copper as early as 2500 BC

Ancient Egypt, monumental obelisks, the pyramids at Giza, and the Great Sphinx between 2,000 BC and 100 BC.

Ancient northern Africa architectural wonders of the ancient Egyptians and the peoples of western and southern Africa exhibited styles uniquely theirs.

The architecture of Africa is exceptionally diverse

The wide range of materials, including thatch, stick/wood, mud brick, rammed earth, stone. Architectural preferences vary by region:

West Africa and Central Africa, mud bricks, thatch, wood and more perishable materials,

Southeast and Southern Africa, stone, thatch, wood, large stone walls, coral stone, sun-dried bricks, animal skins, wattle and daub.

Example of architectural design found are

The circular villages made of circular houses.

Geometric designs of the cross river, or rectangular houses facing a single street.

Massive ”pisé”mud brick buildings in Morocco dating from 110 BC

Aksumite architecture in the Ethiopian region with solid monumental structures including massive underground tombs. Villas were two-to-four stories tall and had sprawling rectangular plans found in Dungur ruins.

The Maravi people built bridges of bamboo, because of changing river depths.

Yoruba ancient Architectural settlements with massive sprawling mud walls along the valleys that surrounded the town, similar to the Ashanti shrines. Benin architecture with rich indigenous traditions, utilizing wood extending 16,000 kilometers and more than 500 interconnected settlement. In the Kingdom of Congo, the city was on the top of a cliff, with a river running below through a forested valley with walled pathways, courtyard, gardens, decorated huts, The royal hill in Burundi with a royal palace, surrounded by a huge fence.

Check out ancient Africa architectural arts and wonders

with its stone-walled town.Zulu Architecture, Kingdom of Congo, Hausa Kingdoms Timbuktu Sahelian architecture, Ghana empire, the Kingdom of Aksum and others.

Architectural wonders of ancient Africa

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