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American VS African Makeup

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Hey guys! Youkeyy here! I saw a video done by Christen Dominique doing French makeup on one side of her face and American makeup and the other side which inspired me to do my own spin on it. In this full glam transformation I’ll be showing some differences I’ve noticed between American vs African makeup. This is specifically Instagram makeup and it goes over the many trends seen in the way Americans do makeup and the way Nigerians do their makeup on Instagram. I also mentioned some notable Nigerian beauty content creators as well as Nigerian makeup artists. If you don’t know about them, please check out a few such as Anita Brows, Dimma Umeh, Jide of St Ola, Layefa Beauty, Lydia Stanley, and many more. Be sure to leave the names of some of your favorite beauty content creators or makeup artists in the comment section as well so others can check them out. They do not have to be Nigerian or African specifically 😉

Hope you all enjoy this video and do not forget to watch in 1080p HD for the best quality. Share this video, thumbs it up, and subscribe and turn on notifications if you haven’t already. Thanks loves!
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