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David Bowie on Making ‘Let’s Dance’ & Black Artists | MTV Full 1983 Interview

0:21 David Bowie on making ‘Let’s Dance’
2:36 David Bowie talks song titles
2:58 Album Production, Nile Rogers & Bernard Edwards
4:50 What the album will sound like & Stevie Ray Vaughan
5:46 Why David Bowie returned to music after 2 years
7:13 What happened to the Bowie ‘personas’?
7:35 When and where will he tour?
8:42 Making music videos for his new record
9:58 David Bowie’s 3 year plan
11:17 Why black artists aren’t featured on MTV

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In this 1983 interview with MTV News, David Bowie discusses the making of ‘Let’s Dance’, Race and MTV.

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