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Black Books, Black Authors, Black Loves | The Black Booktuber Tag

A huge thank you to Mariama for creating such an awesome tag! Here’s her original Tag Video:

Mina’s Tag video:
Capri’s Tag video:
Jess’ Tag video:
Zoe’s Tag video:
Kayla’s [Poetic_butterfly13]:
The Cerebral Hedonist:
Britney [Melanin Eclectic]:
Shop Black Businesses!!! Britney’s Shop:
Tatiana [Musical Tati]:
Njeri [Onyx Pages]:
Princess [Castle Library]:

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FuckAThon Announcement:
20 Books About Race You Should Be Reading:

*Here are some links. Please consider signing the petitions, donating (if you can) and spreading the word:
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Justice for George Floyd:
George Floyd (Raise the Charge):
George Floyd (Charge all 4 officers):
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery:
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery (Prosecutor George E. Barnhill):
Defund the Minneapolis Police Department:
Breonna Taylor:
George Floyd:
Ahmaud Arbery:
Donate by Streaming this Playlist:
National Bail Fund:
Fund Black Trans Women and NB People in Minneapolis:
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