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Ethiopia Travel Vlog: An African American Experience

I recently published a book about my 10 years living and working in 3 different countries as an African of the Diaspora. It talks about this travel video and my life afterwards as I continue to learn more about my culture and African spirituality. I thank the ancestors for the privilege to share this with you. I hope it benefits you along your journey/path to self-reclamation. Ashay! Click link to buy book. Or just read part of the intro for FREE! Thanks for the support!

Experience the culture of Ethiopia as you get a glimpse into Addis Ababa and Awassa. Visiting museums, experiencing traditional dancing, eating local dishes and more are part of this African experience. (Disclaimer: This video is better watched with ear phones due to parts of the audio being low. Watch in 1080 p as well.). Don’t forget to subscribe. Enjoy!

For a tour of Ethiopia, contact Ache on WhatsApp @ +251 96 313 5441

Empowering music by Chronixx – Chronology (2017)

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