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African Art – 2 Architecture

Second video about the African Art serie. Any doubt? Send me a message.

Historia del Arte:
Land of the Art:

African art is a collection of artistic expressions produced by the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa throughout history. The African continent hosts a wide variety of cultures, each characterized by its own language, traditions and characteristic artistic forms. Although the vast expanse of the Sahara desert acts as a natural dividing barrier between North Africa and the rest of the continent, there is considerable evidence confirming a whole series of influences between both areas through trade routes that crossed Africa since ancient times.

Architecture reflects the interaction between nature, economy and density of population. It is not monumental, but provisional and basic. It is based in daily life use. There aren’t temples, just sculptures in the exterior to make the evilness go away. Poor materials, specially mud.

Pygmy Hut: example of huts of nomad and hunter peoples
Musgum Hut: from Cameroon, it uses mud to form various layers
Dogon Hut: from Mali, houses of word, for communication
Matakam Hut: from Cameroon, also called sare
Dinka Hut: from Congo
Dorke Hut: from Ethiopia
Maasai Hut: from Kenya and Tanzania, in settlements called zamora, built with excrements, straw and mud

Tuareg: merchants in the Sahara, settlements anti-sand. The tents are called jaima, made with skins
Berber: mud constructions with the use of vaults and arches
Burkina Faso: in Tiebele, these houses are made with terrain, decorated with geometric patterns made by the women
Goulfey, Cameroon: Homes with flat roof and various spaces
Bam, Iran: it uses domes and rich decorations
Shibam, Yemen: verticality

Mosques of Mali: they mix islamic religion and the influence of mesopotamian cultures. Made with mud, using inserted wooden wedges that are supports for people to climb and restore the construction, damaged easily by rain
Mosque of Djenne
Mosque of Mopti
Mosque of Djingareyber

Toguna dogon: the houses of word, buildings of communication and meeting, supported in a platform made with wooden column-like supports
Mandinga Hut: with pseudo-domes
Tata Somba Hut: in Benin, structure with form of castle, with two towers
Tukul Hut: typical hut, made with mud, straw and millet stalks
Lalibela Churches: in Ethiopia
Ashanti Sanctuary: in Ghana, to save fetishes
Mangbetu Hut
Ganvié Floating Village

Benin: an example of city
Great Zimbabwe: another city, there are ruins

Music: Cicle of Life, The Lion King by Hans Zimmer & Elton John

Photos taken in Google images.

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