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Day 2 – 'Movement: The Forgotten Ingredient' Webinar

In these times of globally restricted movement, producers, food and chefs provide a vital link to the livelihoods of people, the wellbeing of the planet and what the future holds for a changed world.

During the two-day Chefs’ Manifesto Action Hub virtual Webinar ‘Movement: The Forgotten Ingredient’, speakers from across the world are talking seeds, biodiversity, cultural identity, cultural appropriation and potential global food solutions.

The event was brought to you by the Chefs’ Manifesto London Action Hub at OmVed Gardens in collaboration with the Irish Action Hub at Grow HQ and contributions from many others from across the Chefs’ Manifesto Global Network.

Speakers included:
👩‍🍳 Chefs Michael Elegbede, Pinky Maruping, Anjli Vayas, Conor Spcacey, Chandni Gudka, Arthur Potts Dawson and JB Dubois
🖊 Writer and Lecturer Carolyn Steel
🇺🇳 Acting Deputy Director, Supply Chain Division WFP John Crisci
🌍 Strategic Sustainability Leader Jessica Macallister
♻️ Director of Waste Knot Jessica Latchford
🍲 Activist and Volunteer Director of Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ellie Kisyombe

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