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Dr. Wesley Muhammad: Hip-Hop Artists are Gods in the Black Community (Part 3)

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In this clip, Dr. Wesley Muhammad discusses the power of social media and its impact on the #JusticeOrElse march. He pointed out how the mainstream media had a “whiteout” of the event as a way to deter its attendance and overall impact yet the grassroots nature of the #JusticeOrElse movement saw 1 million people march on the anniversary of the NOI’s Million Man March. Dr. Muhammad goes on to talk about the influence of the Nation of Islam on hip-hop, and particularly the influence Minister Louis Farrakhan has on hip-hop culture as a whole prompting him to dub Minister Farrakhan “transgenerational.” Dr. Muhammad pointed out that rappers from JAY-Z, Jay Electronica, 2 Chainz, and Young Thug among many others still seek Minister Farrakhan’s counsel. But in terms of overall impact and really reaching the masses, Dr. Wesley Muhammad feels that is a power only rappers possess. He believes they are true gods by definition because of their power to shape minds and in turn “communal thinking.”

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