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African Architecture.avi

In this video I try to explore ancient architectural sites dating from post
Islamic era and Dogon sites.These images are mainly from Mali, Niger
and Senegal.

The environment often dictates the type of architecture
and in this desert environment you’ll find that mud is
the favourite building material because of its special cooling
properties. Djenne’s great mosque and earlier mosques like
Sankore in Timbuktu are both a good example of what can be achieved
using Mud as a building material.
This type of architecture is very different to Moorish Architecture
in the north and this is clearly obvious to all.
As you can see in this video there is a great deal to celebrate in this
part of Africa but sadly very little interest is shown to sub Saharan
Africa but instead we often see Black supremacist groups opt for
claiming the Moorish culture instead.

The music is by Yousou n’dour and the images were acquired from various third party sources.

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