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Breakfast in South Africa at Company's Garden Restaurant in Cape Town

Join us for breakfast in South Africa as we visit the Company’s Garden restaurant to devour a massive brunch which basically consisted of a full breakfast, eggs benedict and a milk tart slice of cake along with cappuccino and rooibos tea. Our South African breakfast was a massive feast and we highly recommend the atmosphere of the Company’s Garden restaurant.

The Company’s Garden Restaurant  
Address: 15 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Hours: 7AM–6PM (Daily)
Phone: +27 21 423 2919

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Breakfast in South Africa at Company’s Garden Restaurant in Cape Town travel food video transcript:

Well good morning from Cape Town. We are up bright and early for breakfast and we decided let’s go out for breakfast today instead of eating at the AirBNB. We’re staying right across from The Company’s Garden and we were walking through the other day and we saw that they have a nice little coffee shop slash restaurant slash teahouse. They open at six in the morning so we figured let’s eat there today.

Well, first things first. Tea because it is freezing cold outside. It is mid-autumn. Mid autumn I think right?

Yeah, anyways it so chilly in the morning. Technically it is late May here but this would be their late Autumn maybe early starting into winter.

I can see my breath in the air this morning. Well, the thing is the temperature by like say late morning or mid-afternoon is hot.

Like it is in the mid 20s. Oh. But in the morning it is cold. In the morning tea is good.

Oh, and I’m having Rooibos. Look at that. A beautiful cup of red tea. That really is beautiful. And you know what?

I just drink my tea plain. They’ve brought me a lovely tray with milk and I don’t need it.

And I have to say Rooibos is on my Dad’s favorite teas. Mmmhmm.

I think he discovered it maybe like maybe 5 to 10 years ago. Something like that and we always have Rooibos tea. Always. Now in the house. Always. Whenever I go home it is like one of the teas that is available.

And look. A little cookie. This looks like the rusks. The hard bread that they sell here. Mmm.

It is kind of like a biscotti. I think that is the closest thing I can compare it to. But yeah, this is really nice. So I’m just going to dip it in my tea. Because that is how we roll here.

Actually it is a cappuccino art. I got a cappuccino. Cappuccino.

No Koeksisters today.

That is a traditional pastry slash dessert type. Yeah, but we just asked for another recommendation and we’re getting a Milk Tart.

This is the full English or the complete breakfast or whatever you want to call it here.

Well, give us the tour then. This thing is massive. Like this plate. Look at this. It is more like a platter.

It is a platter. It is a double hand platter. Double hand platter. Oh man.

So over here we’ve got what appears to be some fried mushrooms. I love mushrooms We have a hashbrown. We have a grilled tomato, we have toast. We have bacon and that will please any Canadian guy.

And over here we have like a thin. A long thin sausage and then we have two eggs well done. because nothing grosses me out more than runny eggs.

Okay, so for my breakfast I ordered eggs benedict with salmon.

But because I’m sharing with Sam I would normally order my eggs runny but he was like no please. We compromised. We compromised with medium.

I get to try Sam’s breakfast. Yeah, and something I you know would be cool to find out is if you lived or stayed in South Africa for a while, or you’re from here, what is something you would typically have for breakfast?

Because you know we’re this is what we’re eating today but it would be great to find out what are some other different types of foods.

Alright, so it is that time again. Time for price point. So that was 305 Rand which was $22 US dollars and that included 3 drinks, 2 massive mains, a dessert. So full, satisfied and now we’re going to go relax and play some chess.

This is part of our Travel in South Africa video series showcasing South African food, South African culture and South African cuisine.

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