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Fine Dining with Waterkloof Head Chef Gregory Czarnecki | Top Billing

Afternoon Express is looking for its next Taste Master – here is how you enter the competition.

For an idea of who the judges will ultimately choose to be the next resident chef on Afternoon Express, we first profile the food journeys of The Taste Master panel. Chefs who already influence our culinary choices as South Africans. Like the man behind 2018’s Restaurant of The Year – Waterkloof.

Gregory Czarnecki worked at several Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and cooked for superstars like Paul McCartney and Woodie Allen, before becoming Head Chef at this winelands estate.

Chef’s open plan kitchen makes cooking part of his guest’s experience. He’s a purist with a creative edge who welcomes you into his world.

You expect a man who’s cooked for The French President and British Prime Minister to have a formal approach but a Taste Master innovates and decides new styles.
His tasting menu is nothing short of an art exhibition. One which tastes every bit as good as it looks.

To prepare, cook and present occasions like this, requires a confident, skilled and charismatic personality. The kind which the Taste Master panel will be looking for.

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