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South African Academy of Culinary Arts "Online Open Day" June 27th 2020

If you dream of becoming an international chef, join us for our free Online ‘Open Day’ on Saturday, 27th June at 3pm, with Ralph Gottschalk, Founder, and Principal of the South African Culinary Arts School, based in Port Elizabeth.

Ralph, founded the culinary school in 2014, and has an international career spanning over 30 years and four continents and counting! All of SAACA’s courses are accredited by Highfield Qualifications, which is a leading vocational institute in the UK. This means that our students have an internationally recognized qualification and can work anywhere in the world.

At SAACA we also welcome international students as we have in the past from countries like South Korea, India, Kenia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Mozambique as well as Germany. Study and live in the beautiful Eastern Cape.

Ralph will share:

Details of Culinary Chef and Pastry Chef diplomas on offer,
You’ll learn what it takes to become an international chef,
What to expect as a student of SAACA,
More about student placements,
And meet the lecturers.

Matthew Potgieter, Saaca Student from 2018, who graduated from SAACA in 2019, will join us online and share his journey and how he landed up working at one of the top 3 restaurants in the UK, and his Plate Award win at the Culinary Student Olympiads in India in 2019.

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