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Money saving tips for December – South Africa 2018

Having children can be amazing, but also expensive… For tips on how to save a bit of money on children related expenses, please watch: “Costs of children and budget tips – South Africa 2019”
It’s time. You hear the carols and Christmas songs all over the radio, in shops and even when visiting friends. The “Christmas Spirit” is getting hold of you. You feel generous, happy and joyful. And then, January strikes. Your money is finished, your happiness is all but a distant memory, and you don’t know what to do.

Simply avoid that situation with these tips to save money this Christmas. These tips are especially true if you’re in South Africa, but most can be applied anywhere in the world.

I am Jacques P. Taljaard (BAP(SA)) (GTP(SA)), an accountant and tax practitioner in South Africa.

There’s very little information available to the general public of South Africa that assists new entrepreneurs in setting up a business. With this channel I aim to change that. (I am in no way affiliated or associated with them, I just find their service useful)

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*Disclaimer* Nothing in this channel can be considered “advice” in any form, and neither Jacques P. Taljaard nor Pretera Accounting Services can be held liable for any claim resulting from the information in this video. Since circumstances often differ vastly, should you need advice we recommend getting in touch with a professional service provider.

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