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South African Airways flight from South Africa to Germany travel vlog (Cape Town – Joburg – Munich)

Join us for our South African Airways flights from South Africa to Germany flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg and Munich in this travel vlog. With roughly 24 hours worth of door to door transportation we take you on the entire journey including the flights, snacks and ground transportation in Germany to finally arrive at our apartment AirBNB in Munich. Along the way we eat pizza in Cape Town with pinotage red wine and Rooibos tea along with some German baked goods in Munich waiting for our bus ride to Nuremberg. Overall, it was a long journey but we felt relieved to make it Germany with more adventures coming up in Nuremberg soon.

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South African Airways flight from South Africa to Germany travel vlog (Cape Town – Joburg – Munich) video transcript:

Well today is a travel day. What happened to our time in South Africa? Like it flew by.

Seriously. We’ve been here for 2 weeks and I still can’t believe it. I feel like literally like we just got here.

Anyways, so we have a really long journey ahead of us. We are basically going to be traveling for a day and a half. Or two. Well first we’re catching a taxi to the airport in Cape Town and then it it what a two hour flight to Joburg. A flight to Joburg. And then from Joburg we have an eleven hour flight to Munich in Germany and then we’re going to arrive there and then we’re going to have time to kill because we’re going to be arriving early in the morning and we can’t even check-in to our AirBNB until like mid-afternoon.

Then we’re going to have to take a bus or a train to Nuremberg where we’ve rented an AirBNB. No, no no and then from the center of town we have to take another train because we’re staying in the outskirts. Right so buckle up because we’re going to show you the whole thing.

Two cups of Rooibos and a glass of Pinotage for Sam. The pinotage hasn’t arrived yet but we are basically we’re trying to get some of our favorite local things before we leave because we probably won’t be able to have rooibos tea again for a while.

So our 1st of 2 flights with South African Airways. All aboard. All aboard. So Joburg and then we don’t have that long of a wait and then yeah. Thankfully this is a short flight. The next one is going to be longer.

Wine o’clock. Even on the plane. Even on a short flight like this. That is so nice of them to give us wine. I know. The flight is less than 2 hours. Only an hour and forty minutes. And we’re getting a meal too.

Dinner has been served.

Um, we are having stir-fried beef and it comes with salad. Salad and a piece of chocolate cake..

Alright, bit of a crazy update. We’re not sure if we’re going to make our flight.

We made it. They are holding the flight. You know what? W wouldn’t have made it had it not been for these two really nice girls I think from the States who let us like jump two lines in the queue. Oh my gosh. Yes. Because we still had like 2 long zigzags to get through.

Update. We are greasy, we are sweaty. Feeling dirty and sleep deprived. Now we have to go find the S-Bahn. One step closer to getting to Nuremberg. Let’s do it. Yes, get to the train station in Munich and then find the bus to Nuremberg.

So we made it to the bus terminal. We have our tickets for Nuremberg and now it is time for lunch. It is almost noon. So we hit up a German bakery and we got two savory things and a sweet thing.

We made it. I think it has been exactly 24 hours door to door because we left our AirBNB in Cape Town at like 2 in the afternoon and I think it is past 2 in the afternoon at this point.

So long day of travel. We arrived at our AirBNB which is pretty cute. Maybe we’ll do a tour another day. But yes, it is time to sign off, get some rest. Say goodbye! Bye!

This is part of our Travel in South Africa video series showcasing South African food, South African culture and South African cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Germany video series showcasing German food, German culture and German cuisine.

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