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We Went to Mississippi To Visit a Hair Braiding Salon

In this episode of Beauty Mark, hosts Rachel and Jess visit Tupelo, Mississippi to meet Melony Armstrong, owner of Naturally Speaking Salon, to learn about her soon-to-be-launched haircare line Good Locs. After a trip to an out-of-town salon a few years ago, Melony’s damaged hair was instantly revitalized. She realized there was a real opportunity to bring a new type of haircare experience to Tupelo, beginning her journey to open the first natural hair braiding salon in Mississippi. Along this journey, Melony’s greatest struggle included a civil rights law suit to change Mississippi state law, in a fight to allow for equal rights for women of color in the pursuit of economic independence. Watch the episode to learn more about how Melony’s work has shaped her community.

Beauty Mark is a weekly series by Shopify Studios that explores women, beauty and entrepreneurship from around the world. Hosted by Rachel Hale and Jess Sanchez. New episodes every Wednesday.

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