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AAAH!! I can’t wait to share this readathon with all of you! Black-a-thon will take place in February and is a celebration of black history, community, identity, and future. Join myself and my co-hosts as we read some fantastic own voices books with black protagonists! Challenges below:

FEEL THE LOVE Read a book (any genre) featuring romance between two black people (or one black person + a person of color).
WAKANDA FOREVER Read a graphic novel or comic series with a black or African MC
HEAR US ANY work by a black/african author
FEEL THE BEAT. Spoken word: listen to these 4 poems and share your favorite on social media or with a friend. Discuss what this poem means to you and why it matters.
Balaenoptera by Joshua Brandon Bennett

What I’ve Learned by Aja Monet

“Waiting” by Jasmine Mans, Alysia Harris, and Jennah Bell

Cuz He’s Black by Javon Johnson

MORE THAN A COLOR. We house complexity within us. Read a book starring an intersectional black character (black & LGBT, black & neurodivergent, black & disabled, etc)
IN THIS TOGETHER Read the group book, Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

My Co-Hosts:
Francina Simone:

Blackathon Twitter: @blackathon1
List of Books by Black Authors/with Black Main Characters:

IG: bowtiesandbooks
Twitter: BowtiesBooks
GR: bowtiesandbooks

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