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We Finally Understand The Ending Of The Sopranos

When most people think about The Sopranos, they think about that ambiguous ending. People are still discussing that final shot to this day. But over a decade later, we think finally understand the ending of The Sopranos. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe? Well, let’s break it all down.

One of the most important relationships in The Sopranos if not the most important relationship is between mob boss Tony Soprano and his therapist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi. For years, the two danced around each other in Melfi’s office, as the therapist was often entranced and sometimes repulsed by Tony and his gangster ways. Making things even more complicated, Tony was sometimes in love and sometimes sick of his therapist. Through it all, the personal and professional connection very nearly ended on more than one occasion, but the two always seemed to find their way back to each other.

Then, in the penultimate episode of the series, Melfi comes to a realization after a colleague encourages her to read up on how Tony, as a sociopath, might simply be taking advantage of her. Convinced that he’s been using her, Melfi cuts Tony off during a tense final session.

After that, Tony doesn’t attempt to call or contact her, and as far as we know, he considers their relationship over, just as she does. Remember this it’ll be important later.

Loose ends and uncertain fates are a hallmark of The Sopranos’ final season, and nowhere is that more devastatingly evident than in the case of Silvio Dante, the consigliere of the DiMeo crime family and one of Tony’s most trusted friends and advisers.

In the penultimate episode of the series, “The Blue Comet,” Lupertazzi boss Phil Leotardo is on a quest for revenge and orders a series of coordinated hits against the DiMeo crime family for killing his brother. And sadly, that’s when Silvio is introduced to a couple of bullets. Silvio and Patsy Parisi are driving away from the Bada Bing when two men open fire. Patsy starts shooting back and manages to escape, but Silvio is hit several times, and his wounds land him in an intensive care unit.

In the series finale, “Made In America,” it’s revealed that Silvio is comatose as a result of his wounds, and the doctors don’t expect him to wake up. He spends the final episode of the series on life support. Remember this it’ll also be important later. Keep watching the video because we finally understand the ending of The Sopranos.

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No more therapy | 0:15
A hit job and a fallen friend | 1:03
Does Tony live in the ending? | 1:53
Does Tony die? | 2:52
What do the writers think? | 3:48
Life and death in the underworld | 4:44

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