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How to invest and partner with Mantis luxury hotels, eco lodges and waterway.

No corner of the globe gets left unturned in pursuit of curating exceptional experiences for the conscious traveller. Offering a lightweight franchise model that offers eco-resorts and boutique hotel investors access to a global loyalty program and network as well as the best hotel management solutions, Mantis Global Business Development Manager, Ashleigh Commins and Mantis New Business Development Manager for Africa, Carl Haller share the details on exciting future hotel developments.

Mantis luxury hotels, eco lodges, and waterways are dream holiday and vacation experiences located around the world. Sustainable travellers have been enjoying eco tourism, safaris, and adventure travel with Mantis since 2000.

What’s the best eco lodge? We believe that a Mantis property will help you check an experience or global travel trip off your bucket list.

What’s the best hotel for sustainable travel?¬†Join fulfilled sustainable travellers from around the world who have enjoyed eco tourism experiences, safaris, and adventure travel with the Mantis Collection of luxury hotels.

Are there hotels focused on conservation? Yes there are! With Mantis you can have your next vacation at a luxury hotel, eco lodge, or waterway that is passionate about conservation and serving local communities.

Ashleigh Commins
Hi everyone. My name is Ashleigh Commins and I am the Global Business Development Manager for Mantis in the UK. I am based in London and my role is to grow the Mantis brand outside of Africa. initially, I was hired to produce the financial feasibilities of new projects but quickly my role changed where I became more involved on the development side, working closely together with Paul Gardner on delivering various pitches, proposals and doing the deal negotiations which I thoroughly enjoy.

Carl Haller:
My name is Carl Haller I’m the Mantis New Business Development Manager for Africa. I’ve been involved in the hospitality industry for over 26 years. Having managed hotels, lodges and golf clubs. During my career, I have established many hospitality operations. This has given me the insight to
contract with new owners to find them the best management solutions for their properties.

Ashleigh Commins:
Since joining mantis I have developed a lightweight Franchise model and through our credible
partnership with the Accor brand being the second-largest hotel group in the world. Our new franchise model gives smaller boutique eco-resorts the opportunity to get connected to a global distribution network and loyalty program that has access to more than 50 million users worldwide.

Carl Haller:
It is Mantis’ objective to contract with properties that are part of the main tourism circuits in various
African countries. This gives the tourists the opportunity to have the full Mantis experience while exploring the exceptional tourist attractions that you find in these countries. Mantis has a great success, particularly in East Africa where we’ve managed to combine bush and beach experiences. For example we have properties in the Serengeti as well as in Zanzibar.

Ashleigh Commins:
November last year we actually signed our first franchise model deal for a magnificent lodge in Costa Rica which I was very fortunate enough to go and visit and subsequently we have two
new franchise products joining our portfolio in 2021.

Carl Haller:
We’ve also managed to establish complete tourism routes in countries such as Rwanda where we have five contract properties and are busy targeting properties in the capital, Kigali, as well as the Volcanoes National Park Which is home to the mountain gorillas.

Ashleigh Commins:
I certainly think one of the highlights of being in development is the incredible places that you get to travel and I have been extremely fortunate to travel to numerous interesting places with Mantis. The Jordan trip has actually lead to two fantastic opportunities for our Group in our pipeline and where we are looking at developing a luxury tented camp in Petra very close to the main Petra site and another is the development of the beach and mountain resort in Acaba.

Ashleigh Commins:
And I think we certainly have seen as a Group that more and more inquiries for the eco-experience for a product that is all about the conscious traveller travelling with purpose and that is certainly what we as a brand and stand for. I certainly am extremely excited for the future with Mantis and I really do believe that we as a brand are in a strong position to capitalize on the opportunities in a post-COVID world. Take care.

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