African Owned Restaurants
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American Barbecue MUKBANG 😋 ASMR Brisket, Baby Back Ribs | Supporting Black Owned Restaurants

Read me 💌 Hello friends from the internet!
Your girl Mich here is putting her vlogging to good use now.
We are supporting local black owned food businesses and sharing with you all!
(Sorry my international friends that this is in the United States, Southern California only… but you can live through the delish through this MUKBANG!)

Here we took a drastic turn to a completely different cuisine – Memphis Grill, as the name suggested it is the good ol’ Barbeque. Not the KBBQ, but the Tennnnnessee kind of BBQ!

If you missed the first (EVER) Mukbang from us, here’s a link for you. In that video I explained why we are doing this and where i found out about the place:

French Pastry MUKBANG 😋 ASMR Croissant Chouquettes | Supporting Black Owned Restaurants

I will take a quick pause on Mukbang for my next upload and I will be sharing my Joshua Tree Vlog next week!

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Place we visited


About me

What’s meecheer?
Call me mich or michelle or mimi, but the screen name stuck when I first moved here to attend middle school. My classmate nicknamed me that. (wahhh?)

How old are ya?
Under 30 thank god

How tall are ya?
Just right at 5’4”

Are you mixed? (i wish)
With that accent? No way! Haha – Full Taiwanese

Where are you located?
Supposedly sipping on cocktail by white sand beach, but realistically in Southern California, USA

Editing program?
Adobe all the way. Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator

What camera do u use?
Canon rebel T6i
** check out these video for the best use of these tools
** Our favorite shaded hiking trail :
** Our first music video filmed at SoCal beach :

Let’s connect!
instagram @meech33r

John @ohhhjohnny_


Music by

Dyalla Swain


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