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Cape Malay Beef Mince Curry Bun – South African Dish | Fusion Kitchen

Hello Beautiful people! Welcome to Fusion Kitchen Episode 2!! I am excited to take you on this virtual trip to South Africa, and help you explore share this very tasty dish with you. In South Africa, a Vetkoek is a deep-fried ball of bread dough, crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Vetkoek is normally served split in half and filled with your meat of choice – traditionally curried meat. It is an Afrikaans word, and translates into English as Fat Cake, pronounced ‘Fet Cook’.

Vetkoek originated with the Dutch settlers, back in the 17th Century. As they explored further and further away from Cape Town into the interior in their covered wagons, they had no fresh bread and they didn’t have ovens to bake in. The alternative was to make deep fried dough balls instead. Filled with meat they made a quick and satisfying meal. Nowadays vetkoek is a popular South African dish.

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