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Co-Using History Books by Black & Non-Black Authors

Hey, Everyone! I cannot tell you many questions (and critique) I receive on this topic alone. So, I am hoping this video lesson will help to answer many questions at once, explain why I use the texts that I do, and teach you a a rather simple skill in an in-depth way that should lead to meaningful, organic conversations with your children/students.

I want to be clear! Even though I am okay with exploring two different views on the same historical events, I am not a fan of Non-Black authors writing about Black History.

{So please make sure you watch the video to its end and catch the “note” I inserted.}

In the case of lesson in this video, I am showing how to Hakim & Gates view Wilson and his policy through two different lenses.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


~Thanks, Alizah

Music Attribution: Kevin Macleod’s “Daily Beetle”

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