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[African Culture Vodun Voodoo] In the footsteps of my ancestors: Voyage to Benin West Africa

[African Culture Vodun Voodoo] In the footsteps of my ancestors: Voyage to Benin West Africa.
A group of Africans from around America come to the palace to receive in-depth spiritual readings and personal advice.

Each person received a Fa reading where they learned the Divinity that is connected to their spirit, they learned about their Ancestors, aspects of their character, dos and don’ts, likes and dislikes of their spirit and their Divinity, and how to conduct themselves in life to ensure positivity and prosperity stays with them.

At the end of the day, each participant was given a certificate of completion that listed their private spiritual name that connects them to their Divinity and spirit. Your spiritual name is very important because its energy vibrates with the same energy of your spirit. It creates an intimate connection between you and your spirit.

African Wisdom_African Culture Vodun: Pride of the identity of the Black Being.
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