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01 Do we really know our history? New Chronology, Fomenko (subtitles ENG & ESP)

What is wrong with the version of history we are studying today? This video asks questions about some puzzles, contradictions and oddities in the current historical construction which relies on the timeline founded by Joseph Scaliger and Denis Pétau. In a way, it is an introduction into the scientific theory of Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovsky called “The New Chronology”.
We believe that in our history everything is known, proven and verified. Well no! If we study our past with a truly scientific approach, we will come up against many contradictions and puzzles. To give an example, how the ancient warriors could kill their enemies with bronze swords, if at that time bronze did not yet exist?
How is it possible that in ancient Egypt there are iron weapons?
Why have so few vestiges of the early Middle Ages been preserved, unlike the large number of monuments from antiquity much further back in time? While logically it should be the opposite.
How is it based that Tsar Ivan the Terrible claimed his direct origins from the Roman Emperor Augustus?
One might think that these kind of puzzles should motivate scientists for more serious and in-depth studies of our history. But to date this has not happened, which is why the question necessarily arises: do we really know our history?

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