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DigiTech Trio Band Creator Pedal Demo

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As a guitarist, you spend a fair amount of time alone practicing, writing, and honing your craft – necessary, but not always exciting. What if you had a bassist and drummer that were always available, ready to learn your song the first time you played it, were well-versed in multiple styles of music, started and stopped when you wanted, and played at your tempo? Now you can with the Digitech Trio Band Creator pedal!

More than a static, preset-pattern generator, the Trio is a band creator in a pedal. Plug in your guitar, press the footswitch, and the Trio learns your chords and rhythm by listening to what you play; press the footswitch again and the Trio automatically generates bass and drum parts to match.

The Trio has seven different musical genres to choose from and twelve different musical styles within each genre, selectable via the Genre and Style knobs. The Trio can learn three different song parts; verse, chorus, bridge, for example. All of these features are selectable in during playback, allowing you to “audition” different interpretations of your song. The Alt Time button offers another variation, usually half-time or double-time. The bass and drums have individual Level knobs and there’s a Tempo knob to slow-down or speed-up your song.

The Trio’s outputs are optimized to sound great whether you’re listening through your guitar amp, headphones or a mixer. Two different, appropriate guitar sounds, per genre, can be selected by pushing the GUITARFX button. This enables you to use the Trio with just your guitar, a cable, and a set of headphones.

Here’s two more points I thought were worth mentioning:

First, if you press and hold the Trio’s footswitch while one part is playing, the next Part button will flash and be cued up, ready to play when the previous Part ends.

Second, when you use both outputs on the Trio at the same time, the Bass and Drums automatically get routed to the Mixer output and your guitar goes to the Guitar output.

Basically, the Trio is your full-time rhythm section in a pedal – thanks for watching!

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