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Raspberry Oreo No Bake Dessert Recipe

Raspberry Oreo no-bake dessert recipe. This is a must-try recipe for raspberry Oreo no-bake dessert! Enjoy layers of raspberry cream, Oreos, Nutella cream and fresh raspberries, ready in minutes.
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How to make a raspberry Oreo no-bake dessert
– In a large bowl add 1 cup of Whipping Cream (8 ounces / 240ml)
– Followed by 3 tbsp Powdered Sugar and mix, save half for later
– To the bowl add 1 cup Fresh Raspberries and mix
– With the whipped cream you set aside, add 2 tbsp of Nutella
– 5 ounces of Oreo cookie crumbs
– Now in a cup prepare the dish to be served
– Start by adding Oreo cookie crumbs to the bottom of the cup
– Then a layer of your raspberry cream
– Followed by a layer of your Nutella cream
– Then some fresh raspberries
– And another layer of Oreo cookie crumbs
– Another layer of raspberry cream and top it off with a raspberry

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