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Innovation Masterclass – How is the world changing and how will it impact your future?

Step on board our time machine as we explore the world in 2040 and the trends and technologies shaping our future. How could technology like artificial intelligence, robotics or machine learning impact our lives? This webinar was hosted by Edward Pollock, Startup Coordinator at Robert Gordon University as part of Freshers 2020 to share insight and inspiration for the changing world of work.


The Innovation Live series of webinars is presented by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at Robert Gordon University and provides the opportunity for inspiring guest speakers from the world of entrepreneurship to share their stories and experiences with the student, staff and alumni community of the university. Through these guest sessions, the audience will learn first-hand the value of innovation and develop skills on key topics around entrepreneurship. The sessions are free to participate and open to all.

This live event took place on Monday 21st September 2020.

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