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Being a Black Woman in Sweden – Author-Talk with Lovette Jallow "Stranger in White Spaces"

In November 2020 I released my second published book since Black vogue.

What is it like to live as a black woman in Sweden where white skin color is the norm? Welcome to a conversation with author Lovette Jallow, about reflections on her place as a woman and black in a number of different countries in general and in Sweden in particular. Lovette is up to date with the book “Stranger in white spaces” where she explains, deepens, and concretizes concepts such as colorism, White Feminism and White Saviorism. She has previously written the book “Black Vogue: The Nuances of Beauty” and has founded the organization Action for Humanity, which, among other things, provides legal and financial assistance to individuals who have suffered from racism and oppression.

In conversation with Patrick Konde, an expert at the Friends Foundation. The conversation is the second in a series of conversations where we problematize and discuss the conditions of Swedishness. Samtalet är ett samarbete mellan Uppsala Stadsbibliotek och stiftelsen Friends #bibliotekuppsala

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