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Fractals in Indigenous African Architecture

Sekuru Chiko (Chikonzero Chazunguza) enlightens us on the mathematical concepts on traditional architecture.

“This here what you see is that skeleton of the Zezuru hut which you do not see when it is finished. It is this skeleton that carries the mathematics of architecture in Africa, of architecture in Zezuru culture or basically architecture in most African cultures have this structure on the inside

“So this is where you find the fractals, these distances, these spaces which are intuitively created for the space up there and these ‘Mbariro’ the rows that go across (around) that formulate the squares or parallelogram that become smaller and smaller yet repeating each other which is actually the climax of fractals. Fractals is a high mathematical theory which in Western cultures has just been recently developed or understood.”

Recorded by Shonga (Rutendo Bako)

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