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Moroccan Cuisine: A Cooking Course in Marrakech

Moroccan Cooking Course
Taking a cooking course in Marrakech Morocco
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Dave and Deb of The Planet D drop in to the beautiful Riyad El Cadi in Marrakech to learn and enjoy the flavours of Moroccan Cuisine. Three different salads, aubergine (eggplant), carrot and olive, and tomato and paprika before two tagines, beef and chicken. Moroccan food typically takes a long time to prepare, but the result is worth the wait!
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When living like a local
you have to learn how to cook like a local

What is the one thing someone should do
when they come to Marrakesh?

Take a cooking course

Of course!

We’re all ready for our cooking class here
we’re going to be cooking two different types of tagine
beef and chicken but first tea

We’l prepare three different salads
the famous aubergine salad
oooh yum
and tomato salad and paprika
and we’ll have another salad which is carrots and olives

ta da!
what talent! I cut an eggplant!

So chef Tariq is now pummelling all the eggplant
and all of my bad chopping has disappeared
it’s perfect now

mmmmmm fantastique!

I find the longer a meal takes to prepare
the better it tastes
which means Moroccan cuisine tastes fantastic
it takes a long time to prepare
but really the reward is in the final product!

OK chef Tariq is now putting together all of the ingredients
for the tagine
the chicken is cooked
time to add the vegetables
Wow we have a work of art here by chef Tariq
it’s a chicken tagine that’s about to go in the oven
it’s well…
it is just full of spices and aroma
thyme and hot pepper
and just all kinds of seasoning
and vegetables that are in season
and it looks gorgeous
I can’t wait to eat it
Ali is giving us a language lesson
perfect I love this!
it’s not just a cooking class
it’s a language class as well

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