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Update, UK, US, and others


Cases, 37,514

Deaths, 1,266

Almost 1.9 million babies expected to be born in total in the Philippines next year

Highest rate since 2000 – compared to just less than 1.7 million in 2018.


Cases, 1,778

Deaths, 34

Food insecurity

1915-18 famine


Coronavirus vaccine approved for military

Trials proved safe and effective

CanSino Biologics, and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology

Use restricted to military personnel

Been in development since March.

Vaccine candidate has potential to prevent disease

Two million military personnel

US Army is also working on a vaccine, end of the year


Cases, 2,606,211

Deaths, 126,360

Cases rising in 29 states

R values


Cases, + 23,000 in past 3 days

Cases, + 6, 093 = 152,434

15% of tests coming back positive

Beaches closed for 4th July holiday


Cases, + 2,228 = 79,215

Gyms, water parks, bars closed for month


Cases, + 996 = 223,981

Bars closed

LA beaches closed for 4th July

South Carolina

Younger patients


20 = 40-year-old patients increasing

Remdesivir, $3,100 for 5 days (Gilead)


Deaths, + 155 = 43,815

This is the figure for the number of people who have tested positive and died

Death certificate figures = 54,000

Week up to 19 June, of 10,681 deaths registered, 849 (8%) mentioned coronavirus.

Deaths fallen below the five-year average for the first time since mid-March

Estimated number of people with COVID-19 in England at one time

51,000 at any given time between 8 and 21 June 2020 (0.09% of population)

120,180 people are currently predicted to have symptomatic COVID in the UK

2,341 new cases per day


10% of positive cases in all of England in Leicester

1 in 16 of all new UK cases

3,216 cases had been confirmed since the start of the epidemic, 944 cases reported in the last two weeks

First full local lockdown

Stricter measures imposed

Non-essential shops shut

Increased infections in children therefore schools will close for most pupils from Thursday

The loosening of restrictions for pubs and restaurants will not be taking place there.

Police enforcement in some cases

Stay at home as much as you can

Only but essential travel to, from and within Leicester

New local measures in place for at least two weeks

‚ÄúTargeted action” at factories, workplaces and schools over the past 10 days had not worked

Relaxation of shielding measures on 6 July, will not take place

Walk-in and mobile test centres opening


Dentist surgeries are not allowed to open

600,000 patients have needed urgent dental treatment

Dentistry was not mentioned in the guidance of how lockdown will be eased

Oral Cancers are the eighth most common cancer in Britain

In a normal six-week period, nearly 1,000 cases are diagnosed (Oral Health Foundation)

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