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Africa Nature Experience (5 Tips for THE BEST Safari EVER) (SOUTH AFRICA)

When visiting any natural environment across the world there can be so many factors to consider, that it can make the experience a little daunting. In this video, I share 5 super simple and informative tips to give you peace of mind when entering one of South Africas or any other African country parks. To ultimately create a better experience for you and to keep you and the animals safe at all times.

1 – Buy a map ( All the ins and outs) Often they come with guides as well with tips on where to go to have a more fulfilling experience.

2 – Be vigilant and aware of the surroundings at picnic spots and viewpoints (90% of the animals you come across do fear humans but they are curious creatures like us and are very opportunistic. Never get complacent and think if you can’t see the animal it isn’t there. They are created to be camouflaged and hide from other animals. Also if you are not familiar with how a particular animal looks like you what even sees it as your eyes pass over it and on top of that you don’t know what its capable of. Never be COMPLACENT !!

3 – DO NOT LITTER – Animals don’t know what your litter is and they have no clue that plastic isn’t biodegradable, they don’t even know what that is. Animals are like babies in terms of what they know about humans and our lives, so treat them in the same way and not only will you respect the animals and environment more but you’ll feel 1000 times better about your footprint and experience in that place. Litter also pollutes our rivers and the chemicals get into our soil which alters and changes the ecosystem, especially the microbiomes which are the foundation of any ecosystem.

The animals in most game reserves are comfortable with the vehicle as they are habituated to it over many many years of seeing cars. What they are not used to is people being out of their cars and exposing their figure to the animal. Firstly by approaching the animal in your car then climbing out is like lying to that animal as it sees the car accepts it but then moments later a human is getting out “for example, to take a better picture” the animal doesn’t know this and it will react instinctively, FIGHT OR FLIGHT and both arent good because fight it hurts you and flights it runs away and never comes back to the road again as now it perceives vehicles and humans as liers. Animals have comfort zones just like us humans so don’t go around disrespecting their space. Also, I must add, unless you live here you do not understand how incredibly fast, agile and powerful these animals are, so if you don’t want to find that out in one of the worst ways possible stay in your car and get a better picture next time. Your life and the animal’s life is worth risking for a picture.

5 – Appreciate the Experience (don’t be a sightings chaser)
No matter how badly you want to see all the incredibly big and scary animals, unless you are in the right place at the right time it’s not gonna happen. So don’t force it and appreciate everything around you and be curious to learn more about the things you don’t know. Often times by focusing on the other things (small things – birds, trees, insects, rocks and so on) you will forget about the Lion, Leopard, Elephants and they will basically come to you !! I best tip to find these elusive and rare creatures is to wake up early and leave when the gates open and stay out as late as possible, until the gates close. Dawn and Dusk and thee 2 most magical times of the day and this is when all living things are most active so even if you don’t see anything “exciting” you’ll still experience the magic of the earth.

I have been living and working in the Kruger National Park and surrounding areas for the past 3 years. In this time I have spent over 400 days in the park learning all of its ins and outs. I am a qualified nature guide and I’m in the process of creating a company that will facilitate in offering you the opportunity to experience a Tailormade Exclusive Saffari experience through the eyes of a local.

Please connect with me on any social media platforms @curteisroberts as I would love to meet you and offer up advice or answer any questions or help in facilitating a trip of a lifetime to my backyard and the place a call HOME, AFRICA. Also there is some awesome content on Experience Africa PTY LTD Facebook Page.

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Recorded by me (OWN LIBRARY)


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