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Interview with Fabrice Monteiro | "Alpha Crucis – Contemporary African Art"

Interview with Fabrice Monteiro in conjunction with the exhibition “Alpha Crucis – Contemporary African Art”.

Fabrice Monteiro was born in Namur, Belgium, in 1972. He grew up in Benin, and now lives and works in Dakar, Senegal. Monteiro worked as a model for around a decade before becoming a photographer in 2007. He combines inspiration from both fashion photography and photojournalism in series that explore environmental challenges and West-African culture and history, among other topics. The photographic series The Prophecy was begun in 2013, when Monteiro returned to Africa after several years’ absence, and discovered the devastating pollution that had overtaken the continent. The series was based on nine different environmental problems in Senegal, including deforestation, plastic waste and oil spills, and was gradually expanded to address worldwide pollution. This theme is personified in the photos of various figures who were inspired by West African masquerades and animism. The beautiful and disturbing figures were created in collaboration with the Senegalese fashion designer Doulsy, who devised couture-like costumes made of trash and natural materials.

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