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A Nigerian fashionista at Lagos Fashion Week

A Nigerian fashionista at Lagos Fashion Week, that is the fabulous Uche Uba. Local Metropolis correspondent Omowunmi Ogundipe follows the Nigerian fashionista Uche Uba at Lagos Fashion Week 2018.

Uche Uba is a designer, fashion illustrator and model. And the Nigerian fashionista walks the catwalk for Orange Culture at Lagos Fashion Week. Individuality and creativity, that is where Uche stands for. And that is also very African, although times have changed and not everyone feels the same about that.

The catwalk of Lagos Fashion Week 2018 is a place where designers and models can show their individual opinion in relation to beauty standards. It plays a big role in the fashion industry in Africa. Nigerian society wants her people to conform to the ideal beauty standards. But individuality in the Nigerian fashion industry is becoming more rewarding. Fashionista’s like Uche are breaking the barriers of fashion standards.
He believes they are the generation of change in the fashion industry. Rebellious outfits are worn by Uche to speak up his voice about women and men’s fashion wear standards in Africa. His gender-neutral look is designed by African Fashion brands Orange Culture and Tokyo James’ clothes. What African fashion is, is based on people’s energy instead of gender, according to Uche. Fashion should thus be about expressiveness instead of gender identity.

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