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LearnToLive – South African Health Initiative

South African Health Initiative 

LearnToLive South Africa will commence in October of 2015. Partnering with the established NGO Woza Moya, a community-based NGO located in the Ufafa Valley of rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Woza Moya have invited LearnToLive to assist with the development of protocols for the health clinics. This fantastic opportunity will allow LearnToLive to improve HIV/AID medication co operation/compliance. LearnToLive is also developing capacity building sessions for the health care workers of Woza Moya focusing on patient compliance of medications as well as primary health instruction.

HIV/AIDS affected parents in South Africa often suffer poor health outcomes contributing to already challenging circumstances. Decreased capacity to care for children and high mortality rates, the responsibility to care for the young, often becomes the role of the grandparents. Ensuring that those grandparents are healthy and have a good foundation of health education will help both generations live healthy productive lives.

The LearnToLive team will be providing Wellness Clinics for the Gogo’s (Grannies) and grandchildren. Our reproductive health program will be conducted in 4 schools to teenage populations. LearnToLive will also work to provide capacity building workshops for local community health workers, providing sessions on health, nutrition, and the social elements of health. We will also be teaching women of the Ufafa Valley how to make reusable menstruation kits.


2 Doctors
1 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
4 Registered Nurses
1 Nutritionist/Dietitian
1 Public Health Specialist

In order to create this program, run it on the ground, transport our people around the communities, house and feed our volunteers, create education packs for schools, and buy supplies for our wellness clinics, we need your donations.


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$500 – LTL Tshirt in Green or Blue & Handmade Woza Moya Sock Monkey from South Africa

Thank you so much for your continuing support!


-The LTL Team

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