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Monday Update

COVID -19, Update, Monday 1st June

Cases, 6,193,548
Deaths, 372,479


Cases, 1,790,191

Deaths, 104,383

Riots, 6 nights

LA, state of emergency

Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Minneapolis


Close physical contact

Contact over time

Shouting, chanting, slogans

LA, testing centres closed

Mayor of Chicago, rioters need to self-isolate and avoid vulnerable

Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms

If you were out protesting last night you need to get a COVID test this week

There is still a pandemic in America that is killing black and brown people at higher numbers

Cases, 514,849
Deaths, 29,314


Cases, 276,156

Deaths, 38,571

R = 0.7 – 0.9

11,300 new cases per day

9,900 in England per day

People prepared to risk their lives to protest in Trafalgar Square

6 people now allowed to meet



6 people

200,000 tests per day

White Helmets
World Health Organization failing to help Syria’s most vulnerable
Potential catastrophe.
Cases, 122
Deaths, 5

Cases, 16,3942
Deaths, 4,540
Re-opens restaurants, cafes and parks today
Lifts inter-city travel curbs
Cases, 16,770
Deaths, 900
Considering re-opening its borders to travellers from selected countries

Regional Governors concerned about lifting domestic travel restrictions

Cases, 19,838
Deaths, 960
Manila returning to work
Limited public transport reopened leading to queues and stranded workers
Below 21, over 60s, pregnant, still locked down at home

No schools until vaccination


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