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Lelouch Death Code Geass R2 Ending English Dubbed (1080p)

After having succesfully defeated the United Nations by defeating Schneizel and the Black Knights, thus conquering the world, Lelouch is confronted with an unexpected enemy. When Zero appears at the plaza, the ‘hero’ who was thought to be deceased while the Black Knights knew it was in fact Lelouch, everybody stands with a loss for words. As Zero charges at Emperor Lelouch, all of Lelouch’s actions are finally revealed.

The ‘Zero Requiem’ soundtrack, named after the Zero Requiem plan of course works as an effective climax for the entire series. Until now the reasons behind Lelouch and Suzaku’s teamwork and even why they decided to conquer the world were unclear. With these final flashbacks as Lelouch is about to be killed we can not only understand his reasonings, but feel the emotions of all the characters involved, both Britannian and others. With the plottwist brought forth through ‘Zero Requiem’ Code Geass has effectively made for one of the best anime endings ever.

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