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Loving Your Rojo Congo Philodendron | The Plant Doctor | Apartment Therapy

Hilton Carter is back with his tips for caring for the beautiful rojo congo philodendron plant. From placing this climbing plant in your home to how much water it likes, Hilton’s got the info you need to keep your rojo congo alive and thriving in your home.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Hilton Carter began his passion for plants in the spring of 2014, while living in New Orleans. With his love for interior design boiling over, he wanted to create a living space that felt more alive and relaxing. This lead him to began bringing in more plants and by 2015, now living back in Baltimore, MD, he would have accumulated more than 60 plants.

His knowledge for how to care for them came from what he gathered from nurseries, things he read online, but mainly from the trial and error he had gone through with those plants in his personal collection. Over the next few years Hilton would bring more than 300 plants into his home and studio, to create what many would call an urban jungle.

Through many years of developing his green thumb and his career as an artist, Hilton Carter continues his creative profession helping to style homes with greenery and share his passion with the community.

Instagram: @HiltonCarter

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