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Bitch Dab (Accidental Music Video) – Migos

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On a recent trip to Atlanta, we stopped by Quality Control Music’s studios to catch up with Migos. Quavo and Takeoff (free Offset!) invited us into their session as they put the finishing touches on Street On Lock 4, which consisted of them blasting each track at full-volume while suggesting mix improvisations to DJ Durel.

Migos’ metamorphosis from neighborhood stars to the zeitgeist of Atlanta’s trap music resurgence started in 2013 with their divisive Drake cosign via “Versace”—a song they believe was well on its way to making them a household name before the self-proclaimed 6 God stepped in. However, the numerous hit singles they’ve produced since prove that their success wasn’t a fluke.

“Bitch Dab” is the latest example of Migos’ cultural influence in the South (a region that has seemingly dictated trends in music nationwide for the majority of 2015). Officially released via their SoundCloud account on September 3, the simplistic cut is the equivalent to the “Cha Cha Slide” for dabbing, a dance Migos pioneered with their fellow Lobby Runners affiliates back in the day. However, as Quavo revealed, the dance was originally called the “Ungh!” (or something like that; I’m not really sure how to spell it) but was later coined as “dabbing” by the general public. Since then, dabbing has leapt from the confines of Vine into mainstream consciousness, showcased by superstar-athletes from the court to the field.

(Shot by Ian Cone
Visual Dabs by Hectah
Edited by Nick Briggs)

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