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SAFARI in Kenya (Tsavo East), AFRICA Travel Video

Cinematic footage taken at 2-days safari in Tsavo East, National Park of Kenya, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Game Safaris and wildlife tours are Kenya’s biggest attractions, drawing many visitors to the country each year. Kenya manages more than 20 national parks and national game reserves, where visitors can view some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife, including the “Big Five” animals. In fact, the “Big Five” are the central focus of the majority of safari tours and wildlife expeditions offered within the parks. Kenya’s most popular game park is the Masaai Mara, which borders the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. Between July and September, visitors can witness the remarkable annual wildebeest migration which takes place at the Mara.

My Gear:
Camera Sony A6000:
Main Lens Sigma 30mm F1.4:
Second Lens SEL 55210:
Steadycam Flycam Nano:
GoPro Hero 4:

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Kubson Production

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