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Various Artists – Dark Country 5 [Compilation]

400 subscriber special!! If you didn’t get my comment from a while ago, I stated that I haven’t posted in a while because Youtube went on a rampage with hiding/deleting videos & about half of my content was gone (most of which I can still view, though). But I’m trying again because I’m quite stoked I have reached 400!! All credit goes to the artists listed below. I own nothing here. Enjoy!!

0:00 – “The Devil Inside” – Daniel Ryan Murphy, Anthony Sanudo, Jared Palomar, Eric Serna
3:30 – “Forgotten Souls” – Raphael Lake, Mark Greenwood, John Wheatley
7:00 – “Coming with the Hellfire” – Extreme Music
10:40 – “I’m a Bad Man” – Extreme Music
14:28 – “Rollin’ in your Grave” – Daniel Ryan Murphy, Anthony Sanudo, Jared Palomar
17:56 – “Got an Evil Eye” – Extreme Music
21:14 – “Devil’s Gonna Come” – Raphael Lake, Royal Baggs
24:40 – “Jet Black Hearse” – Danny Farrant, Paul Rawson
28:10 – “I’m Hunted” – Raphael Lake, Daniel Ryan Murphy, Mark Greenwood, John Wheatley
31:32 – “Fugitive” – Raphael Lake, Daniel Ryan Murphy, Mark Greenwood
34:40 – “Slow Farewell” – Raphael Lake, Royal Baggs
38:42 – “Hey Boy in the Pines” – Public Domain
41:30 – “God’s Gone Missing” – Danny Farrant, Paul Rawson

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