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Bunny Chow Curry Review – Eating South African Indian Food in Cape Town, South Africa

Come join us for Bunny Chow in South Africa! Bunny Chow is a popular South African fast food that originated from the city of Durban where there is a large Indian population. It is basically a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry that can be anything from vegetarian to chicken to lamb. It is unique South African Indian food that is well worth trying if you’re visiting Durban or another city in South Africa.

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Bunny Chow Curry Review – Eating South African Indian Food in Cape Town, South Africa Travel Food Video Transcript:

Alright guys, it is time for another food video from Cape Town. Today we’re at the Eastern Food Bazaar. I apologize if it is a little bit loud here. The music is just like blasting. But anyways, we’re going to introduce you to a dish called Bunny Chow. And we first had Bunny Chow when we came to South Africa about two years ago on safari. It is actually a curry so it is a hollowed out loaf of bread stuffed with curry and this is a dish that actually originated in Durban where there is a large Indian population.

So yeah, I think it is time to dig in shall we?

So Sam is going to do the honors. First up. Yeah, so first up I am having the chicken bunny chow and before I have that I’ll point out that the one you got is vegetarian and there was also lamb on the menu. So yeah, lots of options.

Lots of options and just look at how big this is. This is my hand. It is seriously like half a loaf of bread. Right there.

So I’m just going to dig right in. I’m going to try and get. Oh, wow look at that.

Nice big piece of chicken. I’m going to try and get a little bit of bread and try to get a bit of chicken. Should that piece of chicken is so big I think I’m just going to go for some sauce.

Oh la lah.

Oh, that is nice. Yeah? Oh yeah? It smells so good. I can smell the curry. That is a wonderful curry. It is rich it is a little bit spicy but not overpoweringly spicy and it kind of reminds me a bit of a masala. Of a masala curry. It has just kind of got that rich tomato base. Yeah. Oh my gosh that is good. I’m going in for a second bite.

You know it is good when I go in for round two. And I did get a little bit of bread from the side as well. Cool.


Oh yeah. That is so good. Loving the bunny chow. And how often do we get to have a meal inside of a bread basket? I know. It is so cool. It is so cool. Look, I’m ripping off a piece of bread.


This is awesome.

It is now my turn so I got the vegetarian bunny chow. And here is the bread that was hollowed out from inside the loaf. So I’m going to use this for dipping.

So here we go. I should mention if you compare yours is more of a brown color.

Whereas mine is orange. So yours should taste different.

That is good. How is that? It is good. Woah. I’m spraying everywhere.

We’ve got some lentils, potatoes, green beans. Not lentils. I mean peas.

It burns in the throat. Yours is obviously spicier than mine. Mine is spicy but just kind of mildly spicy.

This is such a fun meal as well. Like look at this. I have a tower of bread on my plate. Like how often do you eat out of a tower of bread?

Not very. Mmmm.

That is good.

Oh, I should mention it comes with like a coleslaw type of salad on the side. You’re going to try that?

I’ve got the chicken and I’ve got the bread. Bunny chow!

Bunny chow in Cape Town, South Africa. Mmmm.

So yeah, anyways moving on to price point. So that came to 90 Rand in total. The vegetarian one was 40 whereas the chicken one was 50. So you’re talking what was it $6 dollars and something?

Yeah, $6.60. Six dollars and sixty cents so incredible value and the thing I really like about this particular place is that it is a very local spot. You can see that there is a lot of locals eating here.

I mean obviously there is tourists as well but the prices reflect you know a fair price for a local as well. Yeah, and you can find it in Cape Town but your best bet is going to be the city of Durban. Durban.

So yeah anyways signing out from Cape Town, South Africa.

This is part of our Travel in South Africa video series showcasing South African food, South African culture and South African cuisine.

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