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The Art of Discernment ~  Rev. Peter Connolly ~ 17 Jan 2021

Discernment can be defined as “the act of grasping something that is obscure.” As so much of what we once thought of as clear has now become cloudy, the more skillful our discernment, the more balanced will be our outlook.

The speaker is the Rev. Peter Connolly, who served as the first settled minister of the UU Church of Bowling Green from 2009-2017. He is an affiliated minister and also Minister Emeritus for UUCBG. He has been leading the church’s jail ministry since 2015.

0:00 Title
0:13 Chime and Opening Song
2:10 Welcome
3:15 Chalice Lighting
4:45 Reading: “A Network of Mutuality”
7:00 Hymn: “My Way, My Truth, My Life”
9:00 Meditation and “Spirit of Life”
10:50 Sermon by the Rev. Peter Connolly
31:49 Invitation to join
33:28 Offertory and Music from Forrest Halford
38:19 Hymn: This Little Light of Mine
41:40 Reading: “Be Ye Lamps”
42:30 Benediction

-Peter, an excellent – and very helpful sermon. Thank you.
-Excellent sermon, Peter! It’s on our website in text and it’s streaming on YouTube, so you can share it with people who aren’t here this morning
-Thank you, Peter, for such an important message, prepared and presented so thoughtfully.
-I pray every day that we can all find ways to speak and to respond to each other wisely and lovingly. You presented a simple process for starting that.
-I appreciated that you reinforced by repeating the way we need to deal with information that triggers the elephant part of our brain Peter.
-Peter, the sermon was timely and very much needed.
-Thoughtful, appropriate timely in this time of real danger to our democracy by a President who won’t accept that he loss and persists in lying about it to stir up very effectively his most radical supporters. The book “Twilight of Democracy by Anne Applebaum shows how easily autocracy can seduce many people by repeating big lies over and over
-thanks for the book recommendations!
-See also “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix for how social media encourages “going down rabbit holes” of conspiracy fantasies.
-We watched “The Social Dilemma” last week. I highly recommend watching it as well.
-Thank you mr Connelly. thank you , all of you!

-Loving Forrest’s music!
-It’s sublime!
-Sublime is the perfect word for Forrest’s music.
-Yes! Thank you, Forrest, for your beautiful playing of a very comforting composition by Haydn.
-Thanks, Forrest!
-Beautiful and calming, Forrest. Thank you.

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